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CUSA Consulting Corp. CONTRACT # DTFAWA10A-00194

CLIN Functional Areas Available to the FAA: Air Traffic Control Services (ATS) | Engineering Services (ES)

We have performed work at all types of FAA facilities such as: ATCTs, Tracons, ARTCCs, Glide Slopes, RTR, RCL, TDWR, VOR, Localizers, ASR-9, ASR-11, ASDE, ARSR-4, and various other NAVAIDS facilities. We have worked throughout the NAS at all the FAA regions and now service centers. We support various FAA program managers to help them ensure their mission is met with in budget and ahead of schedule. We have experienced staff capable of a full range of Management, Scientist/Engineering/Systems Analysis, Computer Scientist/Systems Analysis, Security Systems/Information Analysis, Technical Writing, and Technical Support disciplines including, but not limited to the following:

  • Program Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis & Protective Device Coordination Studies
  • Load Flow and Voltage Studies
  • Emergency Power Systems Designs and Reconfigurations (UPS & E/G)
  • Fire Life Safety
  • System Integration
  • Cutover Plans
  • Security System Design/Review
  • Project Management
  • Facility Modifications and Remediation’s
  • Electrical Testing Services
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Logistics Support
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • High Voltage Airport Cable Designs
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cost Estimating
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