CUSA Consulting LLC possesses vast experience in the development of power systems replacement and redundancy projects for critical operational facilities. This includes Federal Government agencies such as the FAA, but it also extends to private industry work, including major utilities, pharmaceutical firms, industrial manufacturing, research institutes and environmental-focused businesses.

We provide clients with the following engineering design and support services:

  • Arc Flash Analysis

  • Ground Resistance Testing

  • Emergency Power System Designs & Reconfigurations (UPS & Engine Generator)

  • High Voltage Airport Cable Designs (Electrical Line Distribution (ELD))

  • Electrical Generator and Substation Design

  • Equipment Specifications

  • Short Circuit Analysis & Protective Device Coordination Studies

  • Fire and Life Safety Analysis

  • Protective Relay Settings Analysis

  • Cost Estimates & Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Design Drawings

  • Site Survey Data

  • Systems Integration

  • Cutover Plans

  • Electrical Testing

  • Risk Management

  • Engineering Studies

  • Scheduling

Other Service Categories:

Project Management Services
Construction Services